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6 Jun 2009, Comments (9)

Saturday Earworm

Author: Helen

Because Friday was too busy.

I think it was Anne O’Dyne, or perhaps Caroline, who first pointed me to this lovely YouTube of Mike Rudd in the Olden Days.

I remember listening to that song when it first came out and riding our grey mare for hours down just such country roads, alone with my thoughts (or my friend Nicky) and the sounds of the crows and magpie song and the creak of saddle leather. The coolest boys at my high school looked like Mike.

Some of the roads I rode down have kerbs and gutters now. You can never go back.

Words and chords here – the chords are all over the place, but they’ll allow you to work it out for yourself.

1 Jan 2008, Comments Off on Happy new heatwave!

Happy new heatwave!

Author: Helen

Happy new year everybody!

Here’s a clue to how we are today on the first day of 2008:

Or maybe this:

But this has been my earworm since yesterday.

Well, that’s one of my new years’ resolutions out of the way– learn to embed Youtube into my blog. Now I’m off to the couch, to lie limply about watching DVDs about cold places and hope for the cool change. The dog is lying about in unaccustomed places, flat, as if poleaxed, wondering what has happened to the world.

4 Aug 2007, Comments Off on Ad Nauseam: Federal Government’s IR ads

Ad Nauseam: Federal Government’s IR ads

Author: Helen

Govt’s IR ad blitz backfiring.” Excellent!

The Howard government’s latest advertising blitz is reportedly reinforcing fears surrounding its Work Choices reforms rather than dispelling them.
…”(It is) educating the public as to the negative realities of the new IR laws rather than myth-busting,” Essential Research has told The Weekend Australian newspaper.

I could have told them that. Actually, I’ve only noticed the one covering young peoples’ working conditions; maybe my TV habits aren’t as disastrous as I thought, or I just take notice because Girlchild is due to hit the part-time workforce at any second now.

This one goes something like (paraphrasing) You think an employer can hire your teenager for a miserable wage, but it’s not true, because the parent is required to co-sign his contract! …or witness it, or something– sorry, can’t find the text or a YouTube, and the Government’s website is unhelpful as well. It doesn’t mention parents other than in relation to their children being in training schemes.

Even the most politically apathetic parent could see the gap there and drive their truck through it. Sure, you can refuse to co-sign your kid’s contract unless the employer offers a higher rate, or better conditions, or whatever. Then the employer will say “Kthxbye: NEXT!”

Let’s not get too gleeful: we’re paying for the campaign, after all. Tim Dunlop and others have more on why this ad campaign should be pulled.
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