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6 Mar 2008, Comments Off on Yes Dear, I’ll help you overthrow the military-industrial complex just as soon as I get this passionfruit sponge out of the oven

Yes Dear, I’ll help you overthrow the military-industrial complex just as soon as I get this passionfruit sponge out of the oven

Author: Helen

MTAG protest on Francis st, 20 Feb 2008

These women and kids are all here under duress, and I’m not even sure about the dog.

If you’re a member of an industry group and you’re being interviewed by the local rag (the Maribyrnong Mail) about protests by local residents involving your industry, you’d want to have the best possible shot at winning people over to your cause, wouldn’t you? Local truck driver and fossil Paul Robinson did a marvellous job in the latest edition, managing to insult more than half of the local population. Genius!

(My bold):

A showdown is looming between the Maribyrnong Truck Action Group and truck drivers challenging the group’s decision to use women and children in its protest a fortnight ago.

Because of course all those women were protesting because the men had told them to… excuse me?
Does anyone think it’s a little strange that the journo reports that as straight-out fact, without any “he claimed” or “alleged” or other qualification?

About 150 protesters, including men, women and children, brought morning peak-hour traffic to a standstill for about half an hour from 8 am on Wednesday…They were demonstrating against increased truck traffic expected on Yarraville’s already congested roads when bay dredging works are complete.

…”The majority of the industry is very hostile towards [MTAG president] Peter Knight because he used women and children. That’s unprofessional…”

Got that? Men are the rational actors in the protest; women are mindless automatons who are used by, that is, brought along as props by, the real (male) protesters.

In the case of children, it’s possible that some people bring children who don’t understand the issues. It appears, though, that some children understand perfectly well. But Robinson lumps the “women and children” together as subjects to be “used” by the real protesters, that is, the men.

Could it be that the women present had read and heard some of the readily available information and had independently come to the conclusion that going to the protest was a good idea? Could it even be that some women had persuaded their menfolk to come along? Stand back as Paul Robinson’s brain explodes.

If nothing else, I suppose it shows consistency. A group that’s calling for the right of truck drivers to use residential streets forever, because that’s how they did it back before WWII, could only be expected to have strange ideas about the autonomy of sheilas women.
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17 Nov 2007, Comments Off on Bucket!


Author: Helen

It’s shameless self promotion time.

We have a new family business: Meet Mr. Bucket.

It’s SO’s new business. For months, our study has been filling up with cardboard boxes of T shirts. SO has been feverishly screen printing, sewing on labels and churning out swing tags. I’d say the T shirts are sweatshop free, but that’s not strictly true- he is the sweatshop. He’s diversified into hoodies, and Mr Bucket BBQ aprons for that hard-to-buy-for uncle, Dad or partner.

Mr Bucket T shirts come in an ice cream bucket, maintaining the bucket theme, so they make interesting presents.

We’ve also had a new addition to the family, Mr. Bucket himself, the six-foot-plus mannequin (he’s no dummy), who lives with us when he isn’t working. Here he is at the Rose Street Market, in Fitzroy, where he goes every Saturday from 10 to 5. When he isn’t there, or in the shop window of the Village Idiom in Yarraville, he stands just inside our front door, frightening the living shit out of me every time I come home forgetting he’s there.


If you can’t make it to these places, don’t despair, because you can always order one from the Mr Bucket web site, or on eBay. The t shirts come in a variety of mens and womens’ styles.

And then, to be topical, there’s the Vote Bucket campaign.

Protect Australia – Vote Bucket

We don’t know how far this thing is going to go, but it’s growing. SO is certainly enjoying the ride.