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6 Sep 2006, Comments Off on Flinging Faruquie Out

Flinging Faruquie Out

Author: Helen

Why are Amanda Vanstone and her monkeys going to such an effort to kick this man out of the country?

Today, the hard men and women of the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs had intended to set a deadline for ‘removing’ Muhammad Faruquie from Australia. ‘Remove’ is the immigration department’s euphemism for deport. After 19 years in Australia he was to be ‘removed’ to Pakistan.

Very well, he started off as an overstayer. Nineteen years ago – and he’s been working to rectify the situation for about a decade. He’s received encouragement from DIMIA itself.

So, he must be a suspicious character, right? Smoke, fire, and all that?

Well… it would be pretty difficult for him to have built a distinguished career in the New South Wales police force if he was really some kind of bomb-toting nutter.

Image from http://www.brushtail.com.au/july_06_on/faruquie.html

His workmates and friends are begging DIMIA to let him stay. But DIMIA is really, really keen to kick him out.

Why? There are tens of thousands of overstayers in Australia at any one time, most of them British or Irish. Why not start on some of them?

But, you’re right, I don’t know much about Muhammad Faruquie. I shouldn’t even be blogging this. So, here’s a challenge. Can anyone find a good reason why Muhammad Faruquie should be made to leave this country after nearly twenty years?

It couldn’t possibly be because he’s a brown person with a Muslim-sounding name, could it? Because the White Australia policy was chucked out years ago.

Wasn’t it?

Update: First suggestion: Maybe he’s a member of the sinister Al-Gebra movement. Hey, with the level of our “intelligence”, anything’s possible.
Any others?

7 Dec 2004, Comments (0)

The Shorter Hendo

Author: Helen

(Idea shamelessly stolen from Chris Sheil of Back Pages, now sadly left the building)

“I can’t bring myself to support this book, describing as it does the White Australia Policy as “rational and, in a number of ways, progressive”, but the deuce of it is, he fought with our chaps in the Kultcha wars! What to do, what to do…?

Oh, I know– I’ll bag him by accusing him or writing like a leftie.”