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25 Mar 2008, Comments Off on Crawling out of the woodwork

Crawling out of the woodwork

Author: Helen

You might remember that I blogged last year on the possibility that the Victorian government might vote to decriminalise abortion. Well, of course the move was brilliantly undermined by the minister Bronwyn Pike and conservative laborites, who hinted darkly that nonstop abortion parties! might result if this kind of hussy-enabling legislative change was allowed to go through. So the State government did what they always do when they don’t want to make their minds up about something: commissioned another study.

The Victorian Law Reform Commission is due to present its report on March 28 or shortly afterwards. So, guess what has come crawling out – right on cue?

Women have contacted Women’s Health West to complain about an abortion pamphlet they recently received in the post.
An anti-abortion group called the Tell The Truth Coalition included graphic images of foetuses, sent in an envelope addressed to the “adult householder: viewer discretion advised”.
Footscray resident Sally Camilleri said the ambiguous warning left her feeling violated and tricked.
“This group should have indicated who they were on the front of the material, so I could have chosen not to open it,” she said.
…A blog on the Tell The Truth Coalition website, purportedly written by a Ronald Van Wegen, said the pamphlet was delivered to hundreds of thousands of homes.
“Though some were offended by the graphic photos of dead children we also know that many were pleased that the truth was finally being shown,” the blog said.

Apparently the Tell the Truth Coalition has a website, but I’ve been unable to find it, and my google-fu is fairly good. One thing I do know, however, is that serial forced-birther and pest Marcel White (familiar to readers of Suki and the sadly departed Flute) is behind it, according to these reports.

The good news is that the citizens are frothing at the mouth with rage at the pamphleteering fruitcakes, so the campaign has backfired bigtime, but I am sure they have additional stupidity in the pipeline to unleash on the media around March 28. Time to get your letter-writing fingers flexed, my pretties, and if you happen to get one of these charming pamphlets in the mail, remember to mention it to the Advertising Standards Bureau at administration@adstandards. If there’s a return address, put them in an envelope and send them back with no stamp – to be paid for by the recipient.