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4 May 2007, Comments Off on Friday Dog blogging: Zippy

Friday Dog blogging: Zippy

Author: Helen

As the owner* of one black-and-tan tricolour, half Rottie, joyful lunatic dog (they’re the best kind)**


I’m asking you to send cheery thoughts out to another black-and-tan tricolour, half Rottie (by the looks of it), joyful lunatic dog and her owner, Twisty. Zippy’s stomach went a bit funny and she had to go under the knife at the Vet’s, which is never nice, and horrible for the human too.

Zippy image from I Blame the Patriarchy

May Zippy’s recovery be swift and easy.
*Well, Girlchild is the nominal owner, but one must construct a legible sentence.
**As you know, the best kind of dog is always the one you currently have.