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14 Aug 2005, Comments (0)

Mrs Wainwright at the Tote

Author: Helen

I’m getting another run onto the field from the Mrs Wainwright Interchange bench.


Marcel Borrack, Mrs Wainwright and Dust
Sat 20 Aug. The Tote, Collingwood
Doors open 9.00 $10

Mrs Wainwright is Trish Anderson of Git with Pete McKenna and, usually, Shortie from Collard Greens and Gravy.

Trish says:

Heartbroken? Haunted? Feel like a howl? It’s a full moon on Saturday 20 August, and the Tote has a line-up that will soothe, enchant but will also spook. Oooo-ooo-ooh!

Mrs Wainwright are an alt country 3 piece featuring “the pure, passionate voice” of Trish Anderson of Git fame. Their stunning debut EP ‘Deadmans Pocket’ has been putting shivers up spines all round the country and inspired comparisons with Jefferson Airplane, Wall of Voodoo and Mazzy Star.

The impossibly handsome Marcel Borrack has been variously described as Melbourne’s very own “hometown sweetheart” and the “cowboy philosopher that every lone, late night drinker needs to sit next to”. He will be previewing some more infectious heartfelt ballads from his soon to be released second album.

These highly acclaimed and established musicians will be joined by Melbourne’s newest psychedelic balladeers, Dust. A 5 piece featuring a “powerline pastoral sound” shades of the intense axe work and downbeat rhythms of Crazy Horse overlaid with ethereal vocals reminiscent of This Mortal Coil.

So grab your garlic stakes and rosaries and take refuge at the Tote under a howlin’ moon! Oooo-ooo-ooh!

Mrs Wainwright starts approx 10pm
with the fully kitted Helen Smart-Wainwright on
drums as our beloved Nurse Shortie Wainwright
is elsewhere engaged thumping things.

Trish Anderson

CD review over the fold.


Trish Anderson from Git is a prolific songwriter who needs another outlet for her talent (she’s responsible for that snappy title, not me.) Her “other” band is Mrs Wainwright. Mrs Wainwright is also Pete McKenna. Both play guitars, write and sing. The usual drummer is Anthony “Shorty” Shortte of Collard Greens and Gravy, with me on the interchange bench.

I’ll be playing with them on the 20th of March at the Vic in Brunswick, then at the Cornish Arms on April 2. At the Cornish we’re supporting Matt Walker and Ashley Davies, and Luke Doucet , all the way from Canada.

Mrs W’s single and video, Dead Man’s Pocket, will be released on the first of April. (Unless she’s just jokin’ ya.)