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So a fifteen year old boy has been killed, and we find he’s been hanging out with a violent neo-nazi group and making Bundy-and-coke his totem. See also.

Besides the fact that someone’s child is dead, there is so much to mourn in this story.

That an organisation like Southern Cross Soldiers can exist in my city.

That this happened in a suburb I love, where my daughter spent her toddlerhood. And no doubt in my suburb too, I just don’t know who.

That the kid’s friends and associates spew hatred and intolerance (H/T FDB), on his MySpace page, seemingly in inverse relation to their command of the english language, while one of the more literate ones complains about “hearing more foreign languages than we do english“. As the kids’d say, ironic much?)

That this is where the kids who aren’t doing so well with the reading and thinking go to get their ideas.

That drinking Bundy and Coke is celebrated on their MySpace sites like it’s their only identity and their only recreation, besides moaning about ethnicity.

That organisations like Southern Cross Soldiers feed on these poor kids.

That if you think this kind of hatred is confined to the underclass, yer dreamin’.

That Tyler’s parents don’t seem to be at all concerned about the violent neo-nazi milieu their son got into, and his habitual drinking at 15, instead focusing on making him an anti-police Cause Celebre. (There may be circumstances I’m not aware of, but they come across as enablers in the news reports.)

That he was once their baby, a bundle of potential.

Just the waste of it all.

Here’s a comment from his MySpace page: a lonely kid, who doesn’t fit the Bundy-and-Coke party-hearty image of the other avatar pics. She sits with her arms around her knees. Her pretty bespectacled eyes look up into the camera. She projects the sweetness of a kid anxious to fit in. Evidently she’s a bit on the outer but she sees Tyler as someone to look up to. FSM help us.

Special K. ♫
12 Dec 2008 01:22 AM
this is the dew saying her goodbyes.
wow, i’ve just figured out know that it was you.
im sorry mate, i just don’t know what to say.
would have been nice to get to know you more.
rest in peace lil buddy.
stupid lil island.

Give her ten years and she won’t be sweet any more.