Tags: syntax

Anyone but WordPress users can probably look away – besides the fact that this won’t really grab your interest and for that I apologise.

Lately some .jpg images have been refusing to display after I’ve uploaded them and cut and pasted the HTML into the edit window in the usual way.

Instead of the usual square icon you’d get for “image not displaying”, though, the alt. text displays when the post is saved.

Is the HTML wrong? No. I’ve grabbed HTML from the posts where the image is displayed and compared them carefully. There’s no difference in the syntax. None. Funny thing is, too, that those images still display in the new post.

Has the image failed to upload? No. If I try to upload it again, WordPress will tell me it has already uploaded.

Has it uploaded to the wrong place? I wonder. The process is so automated and opaque to me that I can’t even check.

Has anyone else had this problem? The world is missing out on Ollie photos. This must not be.