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21 Jan 2006, Comments Off on Off my Trolley

Off my Trolley

Author: Helen

I’m wild about my new toy, purchased at the South Melbourne Market yesterday, where the joy of buying cherry tomatoes and mangoes at ridiculously tiny prices is weighed against standing in a queue with linen dress-clad women saying, “I’ve just come brrck from Prrrrtsea“.

Yes, my new Two Basket Trolley. I’m admiring it now: its clean lines, its minimalist design values, its sturdy wheels, its roomy baskets!

This will give you some idea (especially of how classy I’ll feel pushing it), but it’s really not the thing. My trolley is just so much gorgeouser than this. My google search for a picture – I still don’t have the all-important digital camera – took me to this fascinating site with the history and typology of Shopping Carts Through the Ages. Wikipedia also has an entry on the supermarket type of cart, with a sad picture of an undersea cart.

You see: Since Big Bad Supermarket ™ opened around the corner from the Balcony, I realised if I bought a trolley I could actually do shopping without the car. I could always take one from the supermarket and throw it in the creek like most people do, but I prefer something that’s easy to walk with. And that, dear reader, would greatly reduce my ecological footprint and perhaps my middle aged waistline.

We already have one of the single-basket, plastic coated wire trolleys; it’s flimsy and bits of it fall off, leaving gaps through which small purchases can escape. It’s also hateful to push. Then there is the classic shopping jeep – a longstanding Aussie icon, I know. But with the deep rectangular shape, there is the danger of squishing ones earlier purchases with the weight of the stuff on top of it. Besides, with the vinyl trollies, it appears compulsory to have a tiny, depressed pomeranian or Silky terrier cross with runny eyes to sit on top with its bum on your shopping to nauseate passersby, and I’m not prepared to go that far. Obviously, if you have a Real Dog, the other benefit of trolley ownership is that it gets extra walkies.

Plus, it’ll be good practice for when I’m a nutty old lady with fifteen layers of clothes.

I can’t wait to test my baby out today, although it might be quite hot, so we might be looking at an evening outing. Big Bad Supermarket ™ never seems to sleep.