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2 Sep 2007, Comments Off on Hey, it’s Maribyrnong, let’s send a nong there

Hey, it’s Maribyrnong, let’s send a nong there

Author: Helen

This is the boy man the Liberals considered good enough for the likes of us, the inhabitants of the inner Western suburbs of Melbourne.

You know you haven’t got a hope in hell of winning a seat in an electorate full of inner-city Green voting types and working people who are still union members and who are quite incensed about such things as Workchoices and public transport; so, what do you do? I’ll tell you; you use… well, whoever you’ve got. It doesn’t speak volumes for the talent pool in the Liberals, young or otherwise.

Hamish Jones has, as you probably know, been in the news because he was dooced (sacked) when he referred to a State government MP as a “bitch” on his personal blog.

The story of his doocing has been more than adequately covered by LP and Defamer (who includes a link to the cached, but now abandoned, blog.) At the beginning of the discussion, it was about the unfairness of being sacked for swearing. As the comments moved on, it was apparent that most people. like me, don’t think that was the case. Politicians are some of the swear-iest people on the planet. Think of Jeff foot-in-mouth Kennett and the and the famous car phone conversation, twenty years ago. Swearing is practically a job requirement for both Labor and Liberal politicians.

An online reputation isn’t made or broken by a sentence, however unpleasant. It’s built up as accretions of information over weeks, months and years. You might think the picture above was unfair: an unrepresentative out-take from a moment of silliness. If you look at Jones’ online presence, though, the silliness is a feature, not a bug. After his doocing, he was quoted as saying “women shouldn’t be politicians” (as one LP commenter said, the shortest ever political suicide note). Then there’s his presence on various websites where we get to assess his level of maturity and ability to communicate. I was planning to go into more detail on these, but since this post got delayed and my annoyance with him has leveled off, I won’t do it, because he’s really too small a target. I’ll just point out, though, that if you want to go into public life you need to have a realistic knowledge of your own strengths, weaknesses and abilities. Maintaining a website offering paid advice on writing PR releases will just result in mockery if it’s badly spelled with bad grammar, and you are, yourself, a PR trainwreck.

Hamish Jones’ writings all added up to the fact that he was immature, undercooked, none too bright, and a complete non-starter to participate in any meaningful political career. And the reason I’m writing about it is because I’m pissed off: I’m pissed off because I’m a constituent of Maribyrnong, the division for which young Hamish was standing.

You have to show the voters some shred of respect before you can get anywhere, so don’t send a boy to do a man’s job. Or a woman’s.