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6 May 2007, Comments Off on You used to give me roses

You used to give me roses

Author: Helen

When P@ris Hilt0n was sentenced to 45 days’ jail, amid interjections from her mum which showed clearly the contempt she has for the justice system, her lawyer was heard to say:

…the sentence was “uncalled for, inappropriate and bordered on the ludicrous.”

“I think she’s singled out because of who she is,” Weitzman said.

The callous solipsism of privileged people in the US knows no bounds. There are other groups of people who, it’s been shown, really do get singled out because of who they are. But they’re not white celebrities.

While surfing the distasteful “celebrity” news sections for this item, I learned that Br1tney Spe@rs is planning to call her unborn sprog Jailynn, apparently. You just can’t write satire about these people.
Update: Time taken for some spambot to find this and trackback to its “blog”, “Parishiltonjailblog.com”: about twenty minutes.

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