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6 Dec 2004, Comments (0)

A bloke you want on your side

Author: Helen

Some of us don’t give a stuff about nasty things happening outside the front yards of our house.
Some of us would quite like to do something about it but we don’t. Instead we go on the net and argue against the nasty things outside the front yards of our houses. Which can be good if you do it really well.
And some of us, a very few, get up and organise and actually risk our precious asses in the struggle to make the world better.

Take a bow, Darp Hau.

Darp has been campaigning on his blog against the grimy Patriotic Youth League — the yoof branch of the Australia First party (No Link for You!*), their racist posters and stated aim to recruit kids from the local high schools. Now he’s taking it a step further.

Let’s set a challenge here. Who backs me to take these guys down within six months? I mean, completely gone. No more stickers, no more Skinhead BBQ’s, no more PYL. Caput, finito, gone.
I’m backing myself, but that’s a given.
Would love to write more but I now have a six month deadline to meet. Gotta run!

If you haven’t been following this, go to this post and work your way up…

If you’re too far away to join the flying squads of suburban mothers armed with scrapers and warm water, you might like to go here and vote for Darp in the 2004 Blog Awards. I think they’re impossibly skewed myself– RWDBs using automated bots, why can’t they follow his example and do something useful?…but, do it anyway.

*Of course, the irony of using a Soup Nazi reference isn’t lost on me.