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24 May 2006, Comments Off on One story isn’t data

One story isn’t data

Author: Helen

The Balcony, Pavlov’s Cat and others have been watching, slackjawed with amazement, as that bulging bag of pus Julian MacGauran has spent years harassing the doctors and staff at the Royal Womens hospital.

For those with the good fortune not to know of Mr McGauran, this is about a contentious late-term abortion which was granted to a suicidal mentally ill woman who could not countenance giving birth to a foetus diagnosed with skeletal dysplasia (dwarfism). The ethical situation was complex, the decision lineball. Due to the woman’s firm stated intention to die one way or the other if forced to give birth, the hospital gave her the termination. For this, Mr Pus Senator McGauran is seeking to make an example of her (that’ll teach her to be mentally ill) and the medical staff (sack’em!). In the process, oopsie! Her name was also made public. Quite by accident, of course.

And what McGauran’s excuse for grandstanding and ruining peoples’ lives like this? Well, it’s the overwhelming epidemic of unnecessary late-term abortions, innit. Because as every selfish career woman knows, if you’re going to have an abortion just for the hell of it and because you don’t want to be inconvenienced, it makes sense to wait till the eighth month, when you’ll already be stretched out of shape, have undergone multiple body changes, need to wear absurd maternity garb, and will have to undergo a more risky procedure than an early term abortion.

Yah, absolutely, I think we just redefined the term no-brainer.

So, where’s this epidemic of unnecessary late-term abortion? Let’s assume the mother and the doctors made the wrong decision (which I don’t). This case happened six years ago. So where are all the other instances?Mr McGauran has latched onto this unfortunate case like the sucking parasite that he is because he doesn’t have any others.