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23 Jan 2009, Comments (6)

Blog for Choice Day

Author: Helen

I almost missed Blog for Choice day– I haven’t been checking the internets dutifully enough, and we’ve been out all day – by “we” I mean the two kids and me – pretending to be tourists in our own town.

So there’s only time for a smash-and-grab effort, but here’s some thoughts:

I should pause to thank all the Victorian MPs with the courage and intestinal fortitude to pass the abortion decriminalisation bill. Let’s have a rousing ovation for Colleen Hartland and others.

Now that we’ve seen the inaugration ceremony in the US, my thoughts turn to the Global Gag Rule and the associated restrictions on sexual health providers which are causing so much suffering around the world. Here’s to the Obama administration giving the GGR and the whole failed “abstinence education” culture the boot, both overseas and at home.

Finally, for laughs, here’s proof that wingnuts can hold two mutually exclusive concepts as gospel truth simultaneously; which, as someone once said, can lead to some very serious pain in the membrane. Here the two mutually exclusive concepts are (1) Children of female-headed single parent families (a.k.a. “broken homes”), especially if they aren’t white, are all doomed to end up as crackheads dependent on the state! and (2) Every sperm is sacred, because you never know which child of a female-headed single parent family might end up as POTUS! Choose one of them, guys, just one of them, you can’t have both.

-Bonus opposing concepts: Wingnuts think Obama is the spawn of Satan, but they’ll use him as an example of why every sperm is sacred! …eh?