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19 Aug 2007, Comments Off on It’s not my fault

It’s not my fault

Author: Helen


Boychild is having piano lessons, and now he has a new piano.

If Girlchild hadn’t stepped on my hi-hat stand, bending the central rod about 45 degrees, I wouldn’t have had to go to Billy Hyde’s today. Billy Hyde’s is a cornucopia of delicious goodies and it’s not often these days I get an excuse to go there.

Usually I’d be more circumspect and go to the excellent local music shop. These days, though, every time I step inside the place the proprietor is having a whinge. When I rang him about my bent stand, he seemed to think replacing the central rod was the only option, so I quite reasonably asked him whether they did repairs. For that, I copped a minor hissy fit. People: They’re called customers, and asking pertinent questions is allowed. So I went to Billy Hyde’s and ended up spending $400. Hah.

That was just for the keyboard – a nice man took the rod out the back and gave it a stern bashing for me. Now it’s 99.99999% straight. And he charged not a cent. So I had to buy something else, didn’t I? So I had to walk to the back of the shop to where the sticks and brushes are, and I had to walk past the insanely marked-down keyboard.

So, I blame Girlchild and the local music shop man for my rush of blood to the head.