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2 Jun 2004, Comments (0)


Author: Helen

Ken Parish has been following the Lindy ChamberlainJoanne Lees story, with regard to how the media is handling it (or failing to).

There is nothing more dangerous than the wrath of the media scorned. So now itís revenge! Joanne Lees will be hunted down like Osama bin Laden and ëNickí subjected to torture by media. Why? Because Ms Lees refused to play the media game ñ a game by the way where all goal posts are placed by the media.
[Edit]….Whatís worse, she didnít take a media handling course before she was catapaulted into this extraordinary nightmare.
Whatís worse still, she committed some additional crimes (that only 90 per cent of todayís youth would identify with): she took recreational drugs and had an affair that has sent the tabloids into a self-righteous frenzy ñ as if we all lived in monasteries.

Joanne Lees, like Lindy, is an unlikeable character. She was lying to, and two-timing, her partner (presumably for convenience, so she wouldn’t lose the use of the Kombi for that stage of the trip.) However much I might dislike her, though, that does not constitute a criminal offence. It does not make it remotely likely that she had anything to do with his disappearance, either. What? Gen-Y relationships are so difficult to get out of you’d have to bump your boyfriend off and fake his disappearance to get away from him? Geddoutahere.

No, what she’s going through is lindification. This word popped up recently on the net, and I have forgotten where I first saw it. I had a look at WordSpy (“devoted to lexpionage”), which is a great reference for neologisms. Not there.

Google brought up one reference for “Lindification” and two references for “Lindyfication”. So it’s not a real word yet. As the Word Spy people say, it’s a sniglet.

The first “Lindyfication” link describes the word as being coined by Paul Toohey, an Australian [Northern] Territory correspondent. This article is dated January 23,2002, before the “Secret Lover Eccy shock Horror” revelations. I haven’t been able to find the word in any of Toohey’s Bulletin articles, but it must be out there somewhere.