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23 Dec 2005, Comments Off on Christmas post

Christmas post

Author: Helen

When a lying sack of shit like John Howard, via that other lying sack of shit the Herald-Sun, decides to tell us we should put Christ back into Christmas, my response is (1) rolling eyes and (2) evil laughter. Yeah, right, you remorseless, power-hungry, economic rationalist rodent.

On the other hand, there’s the old lady who came into my SO’s office the other day. He’s a graphic designer who works for a company which will do one-off printing jobs for you, as well as the more profitable stuff (they print a journal for a well known think tank, which will be nameless.) She brought an original drawing with her on an A4 sized sheet, which she wanted made into cards, which (she said) would remind people of what Christmas is really all about: a baby boy and all the other ramifications of his birth and death.

christ child.jpg

I don’t think this jpg file does justice to the original. The original is done in that old-style classical pen-and-ink style, with cross hatching and bits of writing in beautiful copperplate. She must have had some serious art training, back in the olden days.

She was a right tough old bugger, too– wanted them done for 5c a copy. SO explained he couldn’t possibly do it for less than 10c. The scrooge!

She mentioned in passing that anyone could use the image, as long as they didn’t sell it, which is very nice and Christmas-spirit-y.

Oh, I dunno. She could be a rusted-on Howard voter who is totally in favour of locking up these nasty asylum seekers FOREVER and whacking kids with her knobby walking stick if they don’t immediately stand up for her on the tram – actually, I agree with that last one– anyway, it’s a welcome bit of originality and feeling in the middle of all the Santas and other commercialism.