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4 Mar 2008, Comments Off on Friday Tuesday Dog Blogging: The Cute Onslaught begins

Friday Tuesday Dog Blogging: The Cute Onslaught begins

Author: Helen

This was supposed to be Friday Dog blog, but what the hell!
I fixed my image display problem, and I’m having a rush of blood to the head on accounta my own extreme cleverness.


This is Ollie.

More Ollie than you can stand, under the fold!

19 Aug 2007, Comments Off on It’s not my fault

It’s not my fault

Author: Helen


Boychild is having piano lessons, and now he has a new piano.

If Girlchild hadn’t stepped on my hi-hat stand, bending the central rod about 45 degrees, I wouldn’t have had to go to Billy Hyde’s today. Billy Hyde’s is a cornucopia of delicious goodies and it’s not often these days I get an excuse to go there.

Usually I’d be more circumspect and go to the excellent local music shop. These days, though, every time I step inside the place the proprietor is having a whinge. When I rang him about my bent stand, he seemed to think replacing the central rod was the only option, so I quite reasonably asked him whether they did repairs. For that, I copped a minor hissy fit. People: They’re called customers, and asking pertinent questions is allowed. So I went to Billy Hyde’s and ended up spending $400. Hah.

That was just for the keyboard – a nice man took the rod out the back and gave it a stern bashing for me. Now it’s 99.99999% straight. And he charged not a cent. So I had to buy something else, didn’t I? So I had to walk to the back of the shop to where the sticks and brushes are, and I had to walk past the insanely marked-down keyboard.

So, I blame Girlchild and the local music shop man for my rush of blood to the head.