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20 Sep 2004, Comments (0)

I said Menzies, sonny, not Nazis!

Author: Helen

According to our political masters (up to and including Andrew Bolt and John Laws, and probably Alan Jones if I was paying any attention) the Green party is all sorts of nasty things. They’re kooky. They’re watermelons. They’re mad, dangerous, evil, bizarre and sinister.

Since Bolt (“Colostomy Lugs” to his admirers) throws practically everything in the book at the Greens, it’s hardly surprising that he includes George Brandis’ story— Green voters like bushwalking, ergo! they’re incipient Nazis like the Hitler youth.

Brandis has been silent on this topic since it was reported.* I was assuming this was because the argument was simply shite. However, googling one day in search of something or other, I came across some complete Lyndon LaRouche nutter’s website (if you want kooky, mad and bizarre, and possibly evil, but kinda silly, look no further.) On it I found this little gem. I think someone senior from the Liberal party took George out the back and had a quiet word to him about W.S.Kent Hughes.


W.S. Kent Hughes was a co-founder of the Young Liberals** (working closely with that icon, Robert Menzies) – and the Australian Olympic committee too, another organisation beloved of the Australian mainstream. (Noooooo!!)

Now you must excuse me ’cause my lederhosen are in the wash and I need to dry them out before they go all boardlike.

*as far as I know. Corrections welcome.
** Completely unrelated: Unless the Young Libs’ website has moved on since I posted this, there’s a picture of Ross Cameron (Snork!) as “NSW Young Libs Parliamentary Patron”. Ah, the midlife crisis…