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Yes, that’s right. The pee-cee, academic (Hiss!), activist (Boo!) Stephen Hagan has been oppressing the good citizens of Toowoomba, in Queensland, who just wanted to sit quietly in their rugby stadium named after a (white) player called E.S. “Nigger” Brown. Then he has the nerve to complain when they express their sadness!

(Transcript): I’ve had police patrol my street because of death threats from the Ku Klux Klan; I’ve had to actually change house because somehow my silent phone number was placed on the internet; My whole life has been turned upside down because I dared to challenge the status quo in Toowoomba. …I had the full weight of the local media and the civic leaders who thought that I was a black interloper who needed to be put in his place… I certainly have experienced a lot of ill-will and a lot of vitriol because of my stance.

Sheesh! Let’s get some perspective! How do you even begin to compare this friendly hazing with the terrible psychic pain of a Queensland rugby fan who’s forced to… sit in a stadium not named after “Nigger” Brown? And this is only the thin end of the wedge. Of cheese. Yes, this objectionable Hagan is going after our wonderful national icon, Coon cheese. Because, as the cheese company and their supporters patiently explain, Coon cheese was totally named after the American Edward Coon who invented a curing process and was thus immortalised. As everyone in Australia knows- which makes everything OK, right? Except that it may not be true, or very relevant to the case. So many poor, poor Australian consumers may eventually be forced to buy cheese in green and blue packets which are named… something other than “Coon”.

Oh, the humanity. Someone call the Waaaaaahmbulance!

(I might even try a packet of that cheese once the name changes; I’ve been boycotting it for more than twenty years, but I never liked it much anyway.)