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30 Apr 2008, Comments Off on Now that’s really going too far

Now that’s really going too far

Author: Helen

Iraq’s former deputy prime minister, Tariq Aziz, has faced court on charges of genocide.

An Austrian dad has been arrested and charged with keeping his own daughter in the cellar for twenty-four years and repeatedly raping her, fathering seven children, three of whom were also incarcerated.

The controversy continues over John Yoo and his involvement in torture at Guantanamo.

A Frankston man has shot and killed his former girlfriend, in another example of killing one’s former wife or girlfriend, which is the Australian Way of honour killing.

A British teenager has just been jailed for life for beating a Goth girl to death for no reason other than that she looked Goth-y.

And Miley Cyrus has been doing some rather inappropriate photographs for Vanity Fair.

Guess which one of these miscreants has been made to issue a public apology.
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