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20 Sep 2006, Comments Off on Not over the top at all, really, not at all.

Not over the top at all, really, not at all.

Author: Helen

Declan the Work Experience kid* was on the job today in the ABC online news section:

ABC online news 20 09 2006

I don’t know who organised the Steve Irwin extravaganza funeral, but they seem to be continuing the trend to turning the death of an “ordinary bloke” into a complete schemozzle.

Irwin’s public memorial will take place at Australia Zoo on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast from 9:00am AEST and will be telecast both throughout Australia and internationally.

A red carpet will be rolled out to welcome more than 1,000 invited guests and 3,000 people who secured free tickets.

Prime Minister John Howard is expected to begin the hour-long proceedings, which will be attended by Queensland Premier Peter Beattie, zoo staff and friends of the Irwin family…

…The service will include a performance by singer John Williamson [BCIB: Hasn’t that family suffered enough?], but the identities of other celebrity guests and details about the order of events have not been confirmed. There will be a burlesque performance by Amanda Vanstone and Alexander Downer, who will don fishnet tights and balloons, encouraging the guests to pop them.

Actually, I made that last sentence up.

A family friend, showing an alarming irony deficiency, was quoted as saying “I think I’d like to keep it as a simple ceremony …”

er, yeah.

*Some people think Declan the Work Experience Kid is a figment of the GG’s imagination. I expect the GG to be on the red carpet, poppin’ them balloons.