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12 Jan 2007, Comments Off on Friday Dogblogging

Friday Dogblogging

Author: Helen

Who’s a pretty girl then?

Here’s Maggie’s typical evening (Please feed me!) stance next to the kitchen.

Look at the the front feet. They look like they’re floating some inches from the floor. If I was a visual artist and I’d done a detailed pencil drawing, you would think I’d got the perspective all wrong. But it’s a photograph. Her back legs just go all boneless like that when she sits, and splay forward.

I was suspicious when we first got her, thinking she’d be in for some kind of hip dysplasia or spinal weakness, but she has a powerful back end. She’s just a very loosey-goosey dog.

Here’s another picture of her looking rather wicked after a swim at Phillip Island. She’s probably just eaten a gull or something.