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17 Dec 2005, Comments Off on Ugly Australians

Ugly Australians

Author: Helen

When I’d heard the radio reports of the Cronulla Beach Riots story, before I’d opened a newspaper (or a blog) to read about it, I wondered whether the racist politician Jim Saleam and the lovable guys of the Patriotic Youth League might be involved. If you read Darp Hau and Fight Dem Back, he’s been following the story of the rise in this group’s activities and Jim Saleam’s career for some time now.

Given the fact that the Cronulla meatheads were incited to riot with racially (or ethnically) explicit text messages, which started in NSW and spread to other states, I thought it had their fingerprints on it.

Sure enough, who should pop up in an Age article on the background to the riots.

The evil little bastard Connors must have been pissing in his pants with excitement at getting so much attention. Unfortunately, most of the mainstream media and the blogosphere were busy with Alan Jones – also an evil bastard, but he was relaying the poison rather than generating it.

Many bloggers and letters-to-the-editor writers made the point that under the sedition laws just passed, Jonesy should have been preemptively locked up and / or charged. As Tony D. said in the comments to Samuel McSkimming’s piece over at Catallaxy:

Now how did it go again? That’s right:

– SECT 30A
Unlawful associations

(3) In this section: seditious intention means an intention to effect any of the following purposes:

(a) to bring the Sovereign into hatred or contempt;
(b) to urge disaffection against the following:
(i) the Constitution;
(ii) the Government of the Commonwealth;
(iii) either House of the Parliament;
(c) to urge another person to attempt, otherwise than by lawful means, to procure a change to any matter established by law in the Commonwealth;
(d) to promote feelings of ill-will or hostility between different groups so as to threaten the peace, order and good government of the Commonwealth
[emphasis added]

So, how come Jones gets away with this kind of thing?

He assured his audience he “understood” why that famous text message went out and he read it right through again on air: “Come to Cronulla this weekend to take revenge. This Sunday every Aussie in the shire get down to North Cronulla to support the leb and wog bashing day Ö”

Daily he cautioned his listeners not to take the law into their own hands, but he warmed to those who had exactly that on their minds. On Thursday Charlie rang to suggest all junior footballers in the shire gather on the beach to support the lifesavers. “Good stuff, good stuff,” said Jones.

…When John called on Tuesday to recommend vigilante action – “If the police can’t do the job, the next tier is us” – Jones did not dissent. “Yeah. Good on you John.” And when he offered a maxim his father had picked up in the war – “Shoot one, the rest will run” – Jones roared with laughter. “No, you don’t play Queensberry’s rules. Good on you, John.”

Among the articles about the background to the Sydney violence, there is very little about Saleam, the PYL and their neo-nazi activities. The debate has mainly focused on the behaviour of young “leb” males, as if the young Anglo men are somehow a bastion of feminism and respect for women. Yeah, sure. Some people, like Darp, more accurately point out that places like Cronulla have been the scene of turf wars for decades.

Sure, the extreme territorial nature of young males in the Sydney beachside suburbs is certainly a factor. But someone went out of their way generate a racist Flash Mob in Cronulla and now they are trying to do it in other Australian cities. Are the Feds going to pursue them and prosecute them under the new sedition laws? or even the good old criminal code? Don’t hold your breath.

So, there are political groups – however small – trying to foment trouble. But it’s the wrong type of group, and the wrong kind of trouble. So John Howard says we should be relaxed and comfortable about it.

I’m off to write Christmas cards. There’s good stuff on the topic here, here, here and here.

6 Dec 2004, Comments (0)

A bloke you want on your side

Author: Helen

Some of us don’t give a stuff about nasty things happening outside the front yards of our house.
Some of us would quite like to do something about it but we don’t. Instead we go on the net and argue against the nasty things outside the front yards of our houses. Which can be good if you do it really well.
And some of us, a very few, get up and organise and actually risk our precious asses in the struggle to make the world better.

Take a bow, Darp Hau.

Darp has been campaigning on his blog against the grimy Patriotic Youth League — the yoof branch of the Australia First party (No Link for You!*), their racist posters and stated aim to recruit kids from the local high schools. Now he’s taking it a step further.

Let’s set a challenge here. Who backs me to take these guys down within six months? I mean, completely gone. No more stickers, no more Skinhead BBQ’s, no more PYL. Caput, finito, gone.
I’m backing myself, but that’s a given.
Would love to write more but I now have a six month deadline to meet. Gotta run!

If you haven’t been following this, go to this post and work your way up…

If you’re too far away to join the flying squads of suburban mothers armed with scrapers and warm water, you might like to go here and vote for Darp in the 2004 Blog Awards. I think they’re impossibly skewed myself– RWDBs using automated bots, why can’t they follow his example and do something useful?…but, do it anyway.

*Of course, the irony of using a Soup Nazi reference isn’t lost on me.