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30 Jul 2006, Comments Off on Dentist!


Author: Helen

Not just Dentist: Paediatric Dentist. I knew we’d been escalated, but had no idea how much.

OK, let’s talk about Boychild.

Now, first of all, let me tell you that tooth has to come out. No question about it. It’s badly abscessed, and it will never go away. We’ll prescribe antibiotics, but that’ll just keep it calm. Luckily it’s a first tooth, but we need to get it out now so it doesn’t affect the new tooth coming through.

It’s a bad one. You say he was adamant he didn’t feel any pain? I can tell you, as a dentist of many years experience, I can’t imagine why he doesn’t, it’s quite bad. He must have a very high pain threshold.

I don’t like to do this in the chair. You see, when we take a tooth out, we don’t pull so much as push. And kids have a hard time distinguishing between push and pain. So we can give them the injections, but it would still make him phobic for life. In all my years I only did one in the chair, it was a country family and they insisted. And I’ll always regret it. That kid will always be afraid of the dentist now. It’s your decision, but I would recommend you have it out in hospital, under a general anaesthetic.

The first thing I need you to do is go here and get him x-rayed. That will show me where the new teeth are. Then need you to make an appointment with an orthodontist. You see, he’s got another problem.

He’s got this secondary malocclusion. You know how when we bite down, the top teeth… Oh, his sister’s got the same thing, and you’ve just finished the course of braces with her? Oh, OK so you already know what I’m talking about. Boychild’s teeth are fairly crowded as well. He doesn’t need the braces right away, he’s still too young, but the orthodontist might want to take more teeth out, you see. And if so, I’d like to remove the teeth while he’s under, so he doesn’t have to go back and have more out. I also need her to tell me if he needs a spacer for the tooth that needs to come out, so the new tooth can grow properly.

No, he won’t be going to the Children’s. This can only be done in the private system, I’m afraid. I do these procedures at YayforShareholders Private. The fees start at $1,000 for the first hour and $350 for each 15 minutes after that. The Anaesthetist is extra but you can claim some of that back on Medicare… My fees are…

Poor Boychild.

Sucky sucky McSuck.