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4 Jun 2005, Comments (0)

The Music meme

Author: Helen

A gentle reader gently complains…
please blog something soon. I don’t care what, just anything. I visit your site
almost daily and that image of John Howard in underpants is getting too
much to bear!

Yes, it’s getting to me too. The music meme was handed to me by the Daily Flute


Total volume of music on your computer:

Only 20.2 Mb or so. Sad, isn’t it?

The last album you purchased was:

Purchased for me: Beck, Guero. A little bloody bottler! Favourite song: Girl

Purchased by me: Nick Cave, Abbatoir Blues / Lyre of Orpheus double album. Bloggers I read were all raving about it, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. I had to buy it, anyway, for Breathless.

Song playing right now

R.E.M, Leaving New York. I love iTunes – I can buy a CD for my nephew for Christmas and put it on my iTunes before I wrap it. Excellent! This album isn’t up to some of their other stuff, but I don’t mind it at all.

Seven songs youíve been listening to a lot recently, from several genres:

*Beck, Girl (of course)

*The Cox Family, I am Weary, from the O Brother, Where art Thou soundtrack. I’ve been doing it on the gee-tar with my young daughter on lead vocal, me on lower harmony. Well, that’s the theory, but I can’t sell her on the idea of actual music practice. She’s all, “But we already did it twice!”
*Mrs Wainwright, Oh Louie my Louie. A local artist. A B-side of a 4 track EP. The picture above is a still from their video.

*Cornershop, Lessons learned from Rocky I to Rocky III, from the Handcream for a Generation album. This is an old one, but I keep on coming back to it. It’s the quintesentially perfect pop song. I’m a special sucker for anything with ‘ooh, ooh” backing vocals.

*Jah Wobble, Becoming more like God from the Invaders of the Heart album. Also old. I got a Jah Wobble craving recently because of having listened to him in the 80s. This stuff is more recent – less dubby, more World-y (or Bollywoody), but that’s OK. He’s an old hippy, but good anyway. I’m a sucker for up-front bass lines.

*Greenday, Boulevarde of Broken Dreams. I can explain… really. It’s that gee-tar thing again. It’s such an archetypal Teen Angst song, I thought it could do with a new version featuring untidy rooms and parents.

*The seventh song will be any of several songs by Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam, Gram Parsons or similar.

That should show you we are nothing if not eclectic. We may only have 20.2 Mb but our itunes contain multitudes.

And all of these will change at any given moment.

Passing the baton to…

I really can’t think of anyone in the (Australian) blogosphere who hasn’t got this already. I’m an incorrigible breaker of chain letters. So sue me.