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So, the inaugration of President Obama is not quite two days away, and what does the AGE opinion page have to say about it? Well, just a shortish piece from a guy called Steve Harris who thinks that it isn’t all that historically significant really, because Obama isn’t really a proper black person anyway. And even if he was a “proper” black person, everybody knows racism is over. Because Steve has gone from being a white dude in a suit editing both the AGE and the Herald Sun, to a suit in the AFL – that bastion of social progress – to running a think tank, or rather a marketing company. And as far as he’s concerned, he’s never encountered racial discrimination! At all. So there.

Harris knows all this because his job is, wait for it, visioneering! But the details of what Harris’s marketing company actually does are a mystery, since it seems to have no online presence whatever. X-ray vision required, maybe.