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25 May 2008, Comments Off on Eurovision 2008

Eurovision 2008

Author: Helen

The Festival of European zaniness is over for another year.

The winner – Russia, exemplifying the Eurovision template of a contorted singer flanked by formation dancers and/or acrobats. Instead of acrobats, this guy had an ice skater twirling around him in a Jon Heder-inspired frenzy- and he (the singer) was in his socks.

We were waiting for his feet to be cut off, but it didn’t happen.

Here’s my pick – Bosnia-Herzegovina. (For Battle! agrees.) Although it was a hard choice between B-H and Finland. I love it that there is always a Death Metal band from one of the Nordic countries dressed like Warhammer figurines. This year they had exploding fireballs! All they needed was the tiny Stonehenge. Oh, and pirates!

Oh, why didn’t they win? why?