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17 Jan 2008, Comments (3)

Another dog update

Author: Helen

He has a name!

It’s… Ollie.

Which really suits him, somehow.

It’s short for Oliver Twist, because he has a twisty tail.

When I wake up / come back to the house / come back into a room both dogs shadow me, doing the wiggly tap dance. It’s like being followed about by two demented crazy people. But they aren’t getting possessive and fighting. When tired, they’re lying about flat on the floor, close (but not touching), as if they’ve been together all their lives.

Boychild had him out in the park most of the day yesterday, on the leash because he isn’t microchipped or registered yet.

I’m still waiting for the disaster or outbreak of neurosis-fuelled crazy behaviour. As I’ve written before, that happened with Maggie, because she was a basket case when we got her. I think this little guy has been better treated.