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You probably thought this post was going to be about this, but it’s another instance of “what were they thinking?”

I accidentally clicked on this while I was reading something on a site with ads. Do you ever do that? and then bitterly regret it?

Can you imagine walking into your study, or living room, or whatever and being confronted with.. Aaiiieeeee! Yikes!
It's personalised Ernie!

Yes, you are correct, that’s an … urn. For the Disembodied Head’s ashes.

That’d be your boyfriend, newlywed (ex)husband, nephew or grandkid depending on your age group, and still with the deer-in-headlights expression from the moment he turned around and saw the truck, the handbrake of which he’d neglected to secure, rolling toward him. W. T. F. If you’re an introvert and want to send any potential visitor screaming into the night, this product is highly recommended. Still, if I owned one of them, I’d be running screaming into the night myself.

30 Jun 2007, Comments Off on Timor election: Sending safety thoughts

Timor election: Sending safety thoughts

Author: Helen

You wouldn’t know about it by reading, looking at or listening to the MSM at the moment, but there’s an election on in East Timor. While here in Victoria we have gale force winds and floods, the weather in Timor is pretty dramatic as well. And it’s not just the weather.

However, heavily armed soldiers were a visible presence on the streets of the capital Dili late today, in a reminder of the potential for election-related violence which caused two shooting deaths early in the campaign.

I’m wishing for a peaceful outcome to the election, but there is a selfish reason this time.

My beautiful nephew is over there volunteering at a polling centre. Just wanted to say I’m so proud of him.