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3 Nov 2008, Comments (4)

Mr Bucket goes to town

Author: Helen

And is interviewed by MX magazine.


Text: Even Ned Kelly had a slit in his helmet. But Mr Bucket, Melbourne’s man of mystery, needs no such thing. Who is this rebel with a bucket? To find out visit www.mrbucket.com.au.

Disclaimer: MX magazine is a lowbrow, braindead waste of trees. It’s an environmental disaster and one of the worst ideas ever. However, if someone’s cottage industry was going to get exposure to half the eyeballs on the public transport system, it might as well be SO’s. And if MX disappeared tomorrow, I’d be dancing in the streets.

But the photo was kind of cool.

The Bucket man was also being followed around by some Swinburne film students. The Youtube clip will be out soon.