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25 May 2009, Comments (9)


Author: Helen

Next time you are sitting at the computer (make sure you have the sound turned up), and a dear child comes in and says something like “I can’t find any SOCKS!!”, click on the tab / extra window which you have opened with this link, and click the big blue button. Clutch your head Edvard Munch style.
H/T: Fetch me my Axe.

23 Dec 2006, Comments Off on Ghost of Christmas post

Ghost of Christmas post

Author: Helen

image from http://www.capnwacky.com/holiday/cards7.html

Buon Natale! Look at us! We are so much happier than you! We are so much prettier than you! Our passion is so strong that everything is red, yes?
He is going to unwrap something now, I think. But it isn’t a present, no?

Merry Christmas to all, please don’t get killed on the road. Please do eat too much of the wrong things and get pleasantly shitfaced somewhere where you don’t have to drive afterwards. Don’t drown or get eaten by sharks. Use sunscreen. I think I’ve pretty much covered everything… Take a hanky… Beware of strangers…

See you in 2007.