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2 Jul 2006, Comments Off on Ohhhhh moi gourd!!

Ohhhhh moi gourd!!

Author: Helen

It’s my opinion that Big Brother is staged, semi-scripted, like WFF wrestling, and the recent fracas between Camilla and two of the men was probably a setup to increase ratings which was taken further than the stage managers meant. Which worked, because we watched tonight’s episode to see how the cro-magnons still in the house would deal with it all. While I counted about 500 “Ohhhhh moi gourd!!!”s during the episode, I have to say I’m bothered, bewildered and bemused, BB. Because what I saw was a woman who’d been sexually assaulted on national television, being made to recount her episode of sexual harassment (again on national television), crying, and apologising… to the perpetrators.

And everybody oh-moi-gourded on for half an hour about how sorry they were for them.


And this comes after an incident where senior management at Channel 9 referred to “boning” a senior female employee.