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11 May 2004, Comments (0)

Fester Downunder…Bryllup!

Author: Helen

I like Mary Donaldson. She doesn’t look like a fake-tanned Lady who lunches, and she can do real stuff, like crew sailing boats. She looks like she has a lot more brain cells to rub together than the last unfortunate Aussie Royal (sorry, Womens Weekly readers). Crown Prince Frederick looks like a genuinely nice guy, too. But from the Australian end, even their Fairytale Wedding™ isn’t quite an irony-free zone. “The project manager of Denmark’s Trade Commission, June Skeggs, said yesterday that she had been contacted by many revellers planning to celebrate Friday night’s royal wedding in Copenhagen.
“They want to know where they can get Danish food, and they’re been asking about Danish flags,” she said…….Dannebrog, the 115-year-old Danish Club in Albert Park, will be opening it doors for partying.”

I wonder how many of the people partying at Dannebrog would remember Arne Rinnan and how we treated him? I wonder if they remember how our government revealed itself as a right bunch of weasels to the Danish government during that embarrassing episode in 2001, where the Danes repeatedly asked us to observe the law of the sea and our government (hiding behind a politicised public service) replied with “Make us then, nerny nerny ner ner.”

And then there’s the PM’s Wedding present.