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14 Nov 2004, Comments (0)

New Bob in the Blogosphere

Author: Helen

The prolific commenter BigBob put up a great guest post at Back Pages about the federal election and Labor’s maligned forestry policy. Chris says, ” Bob is the son of a timber man and lives near Burnie in Tassie, in the once safe ALP seat of Braddon, where he looks after his kids while also nurturing the local wine industry.”

So people who deplore the Inner Urban Greenies Telling Timber Communities What to Do can’t dismiss BigBob’s arguments as easily as they can mine.

BigBob gave me permission a while ago to repost his piece here. Now, I learn from Barista that BigBob has started his own blog. (There’s another one, Philobiblion, which you should check out too. Sorry, Dave, for stealing practically your entire post.)

Onya Bob! Welcome!