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OK, then I’ll begin.

See the horsies.
See the pretty, pretty horsies!


The pretty horsies have come to town to protest against no more cows in the Alpine national park.
See the cattle farmer.
The cattle farmer pays $5.50 a head per season to have cattle in the national park.
That is very, very cheap.
The cattle farmer is very sad that now he will have to pay what the other farmers pay.

See the Greenie.
The Greenie says cows damage the environ-ment in the national park.
Naughty, naughty Greenie!
Greenie is killing the Man from Snowy River!!
Do you know who the Man from Snowy River was, children?
The MFSR was a man who rode a horsie.
He rode a horsie very, very fast.
He didn’t actually have any cows.
The cattle farmers say if we don’t have cows in the alps any more, no one will ever ride a horsie very, very fast.

See the bog.
See the alpine bog.
Bogs are boring! Who cares about bogs?
See the hoofprints in the alpine bog.
The alpine bog used to be like a big sponge.
A sponge just like the one you have in the bath!
Water ran through the sponge down to the rivers.
Pretty, fresh river!
See the river.
The river is full of silt.
The alpine bog is all com-pac-ted with hoof prints.

See the scientist.
Boring scientist!
He’s not cute, he doesn’t ride a horse, and he doesn’t wear a drizabone!
See the scientist waving independent studies showing that Alpine Grazing doesnÌt reduce Blazing and in fact it is degrading the environ-ment!
Well, who would ever want to make a movie about someone like that?

See the cele-bri-ty.
See the celebrity join the protesters with their pretty horsies.
That’s funny, other celebrities get laughed at when they join protesters!
And usually the pretty horsies would be stomping on the protesters.
Squish, squish, squish!
Repeat after me, children:
Celebrity in anti nuclear protest, bad.
Celebrity in protest against national park, good.

See the office worker.
See the office worker looking at all the pretty horsies.
He wishes he could afford a pretty horse like that!
The office worker doesn’t know his taxes are helping to support the pretty horsies.
That’s because the cows only cost $5.50.
Per head per season.
And his taxes pay for cleaning up after them.

26 May 2005, Comments (0)

Oh, the Heritage

Author: Helen

Fantastic decision to finally get the cows out of the Alps.



While the National Parks people and other supporters of the decision have been quoting the numerous studies which have shown how much cows have damaged the soil and the watercourses in the high country (and are not reducing blazing), the grazing lobby have been (1) chucking hissy fits and threatening various theatrical actions involving horse riding, and (2) talking in highly emotive language – history coming to an end, tradition, the Man from Snowy River (a poem in which no cow reared its head)…

Interesting isn’t it. Because it’s the rotten greenies who are supposed to be emotional. That’s a handy epithet people love to throw at us. But when they don’t really have anything to say on a scientific or economic level, boy, the emotional blackmail is coming out bigtime.

See Ian Campbell’s silly cowboy stunt next to Parliament house tonight (26/5)?* If we’d done that back in October 2003, we’d’ve been water cannoned or something. Prepare yourself for lots of cute horsies clip-clopping up Bourke st at any moment.

*”…even breaking into a canter,” fawned the Age House on the Hill politicogossip column. A feat many little girls manage to pull off every weekend in this country.