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19 Feb 2008, Comments (8)


Author: Helen

The internets are all great fun. Sometimes I feel as though I’m just churning out words though, and wish I was doing more with this medium, to improve live on earth right here, right now, in some tangible way.

Cileo of cfsmtb (in low earth orbit) has done just that.

Ms Kosky will today meet bicycle and transport groups to advise them that she will reverse the policy.

…Chris Star, who helped form lobby group Bin the Bike Ban last month, said she was relieved the ban had been dropped.

“It created a lot of anger because we saw it as a denial of service. And it was done at such short notice and without consultation,” she said.

Oh well done that woman! (and all the other people in Victoria who lobbied against the ban). Here’s the Balcony’s response over the fold…