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First time I’ve ever been scolded for not being sweary enough in an internet discussion thread, I think. And here I was thinking that the standards at ALR would be so lofty.

I do bristle at the idea that asshat is a mere euphemism, though. Although mild, I love it for its evocation of the location of the subject’s head relative to his arse.

(More etymology of asshat here.)

27 Oct 2006, Comments Off on Why I love Boychild

Why I love Boychild

Author: Helen

Cast iron Balcony (watching television blocked by Boychild): Come and sit on the couch, please. you’re a better door than a window.

Boychild (curling up on couch): You’re a better jukebox than a chicken.

19 Oct 2006, Comments Off on Mogul


Author: Helen

Image from http://www.kamat.com/kalranga/mogul/2372.htm

Speaking of words we love, words we hate… I love mogul. Particularly when it’s used pofacedly by morning newscasters referring to media moguls (when they’re in the news, as they are now).

A mogul catches Lily Smalls in the wash-house.

Ooh, you old mogul!

19 Dec 2005, Comments Off on Rally against Racism, Sydney, 18 December 2005

Rally against Racism, Sydney, 18 December 2005

Author: Helen

You gotta love this.


And this.


The rest of the images are here, with an invitation to disseminate far and wide.