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29 Oct 2005, Comments (0)

Typing with intent redux

Author: Helen



Thanks Laura of Sills Bend (via comments on Road to Surfdom) for finding the transcript of the panel discussion on RN which I’ve referred to in a recent post.

I knew any post based on something listened to on a deck chair on the Balcony (as opposed to read, re-read and checked) would contain errors. But did I listen to myself? No? (Slap!) So, I owe Hilary McPhee an apology; it was Ramona Koval saying

And I put to Hilary McPhee the question of whether something like New Matilda would ever only be preaching to the converted. Unlike publishing a newspaper or hard copy magazine where you can hope that maybe on a train or in some dentistís waiting room, a person whoís never bought that newspaper or magazine might well pick it up and read it, but thereís nothing accidental or serendipitous about reading an online magazine or a blog, you have to actually log on to the site, you actually have to want to know and seek out whatís there. So how do you broaden an online readership beyond those who are already in the loop?

So the remark about people running online magazines not understanding how the internet works is completely invalid, because it wasn’t Hilary making the statement.

Still and all – an experienced cultural commentator like Koval should probably be better informed. Koval is someone I have a lot of respect for, so I’m not implying some kind of overall cluelessness. The problem is that public intellectuals like this can comment on the blogosphere without having, as it seems, been there much. But that’s just re-stating what I’ve already said.

Here’s a parallel: My own memories of the attitude of “mainstream” musicians to the burgeoning punk / new wave / alternative movement (with its DIY, untutored element) gives me a strong feeling of deja vu in this discussion.