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10 Oct 2004, Comments (0)

So, now…

Author: Helen

So the giant log trucks will keep thundering down the Tassie and Gippsland highways every few minutes. Alexander Downer will keep alienating and insulting everyone in our region.

The Kyoto protocal wonít be signed. We’ll steal Timor’s oil and gas, and will nurture a failed state in our backyard.

The ABC, Medicare and public education will continue to be under siege. People will continue to consume and consume on more credit. The national (private) debt will balloon even more. With Family First dominating the Senate, the pressure will continue for women to stay out of the workforce. Backyard abortions will be back.

Oh, yeah, and the FTA (shiver).

And the grey, gritty voice of JH will continue to crank out of our radio speakers until heís replaced byÖ who?

Ah, don’t listen to me. I’m a pessimist. Have another drink.