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20 Sep 2009, Comments (12)

What Mr Bucket did next

Author: Helen

As of Monday after next, SO no longer has a job.

He hasn’t been a casualty of the financial crisis. He no longer has a job because things are going so well. Mr Bucket sales are through the roof and he can’t keep up.

You’ll remember that Mr Bucket started Going Off back in March. I forgot to blog about the Rose Street Market fashion-show-with-models for L’Oreal Fashion Week. Which was a whole lot of fun – see the ultra-professional Bucket segment here. Ahem.

He’s started running the stall on St Kilda Esplanade on Sundays and has been included in this book.

Wolf at the Door, a new place in Hepburn Springs, bought a fuckton of T shirts and were sold out by the weekend after that. He also had a writeup in Men’s Style mag – no link for that.

Week after next Mr Bucket moves into his new studio in an old factory in Brooklyn, next to an artisan associated with the Wolf at the Door, who runs a bronze casting foundry.

Oh, and he has bought this thing, which is really cute, but the exciting part for me is that our family mitsu-bashi isn’t the Bucket car any more and I get to do things on weekends like a normal person!

So, life is set to change. It seems all go for the Buckets and unusual and exciting things are happening all the time. SO has his books all in order and is doing his own super and insurance and everything properly. I’ll be looking at the Dow and the Futsi and the All Ordinaries with more than usual anxiety in the next twelve months and hoping we don’t have this W-shaped recession that some party poopers are talking about.

Excuse me while I just go and hyperventilate into this brown paper bag.

12 Mar 2009, Comments (19)

Mr Bucket goes off

Author: Helen

Mr Bucket the microbusiness went orf over the Christmas period and still seems to be chugging along quite happily despite the dreaded GFC.

He sells a lot of t shirts to tourists and asks them to send photos of themselves wearing them in furrin places. My favourite: Transylvania.

Mr Bucket goes to Transylvania

AND! Bucket movie.

This was a real family effort with Mr Bucket’s film student niece behind the camera and Mrs Bucket on drums, soon-to-be-brother in law on guitar and recording console. (Please don’t judge me too harshly for that high hat, it was on a borrowed electronic drum kit, which is a sullen and uncooperative creature).

Melbourne L’Oreal Fashion Week is coming to the Rose Street Market to set up a runway to model the stallholders’ fashions. With real emaciated models and everything. If you think the bucket look is not going to catch on, well, just look at this then! (H/T: Blurb from the Burbs.) That’s happening on March 21 (Saturday).

I was downing a few with a friend in Lane’s Edge cafe in Bourke street, the one which has hosted a few grogblogs, and across the laneway I spotted a trendy young thing wearing a Vote Bucket T shirt.

Surely world domination can’t be far away.