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1 Feb 2009, Comments (6)

What I did in the Holidays

Author: Helen

…Not much.

As some of you already know, I get to take some serious time off in the school holidays because I’m only paid for 48 weeks of the year. This year SO went away twice – low key swimming-canoeing-fishing trips, both times – but I was lazy, holiday houses were full and I elected to stay at home and just do the SAHM thing for a month.

I did go frockblogging in Bendigo, which was divine, darlings! and some touristy things around town, which I mean to write about soon.

Exciting developments: Online Opinion published the “Home ATM” post, and the Larvyprodders invited me to write for them. With all this time at home and additional inspiration, did I complete all the draft posts I have sitting around and the ones which have been stewing in my head? No, I did not. I spent much of the time gardening, reading and doing buggerawl.