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9 Apr 2006, Comments Off on Berlusconi’s Man in Bulleen?

Berlusconi’s Man in Bulleen?

Author: Helen

Sometimes I get up in the morning, switch RN on and listen to the morning news as I get breakfast for myself and sprogs, find clothes, pour coffee, hang out clothes, find library books, put out rubbish… You know the kind of thing. There just isn’t that much time for uninterrupted concentration on news items, sometimes.

So… A couple of days ago, I could have sworn I heard an item about Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi, who is on the campaign trail. And there’s a lot of overseas italians who are entitled to vote, so he’s going all out to make sure that he picks up as many Australian and other votes as possible. I thought I heard something about right wing Italian politicians bringing Queensland politicians to harangue the voters of Bulleen in the local hall.

I couldn’t find anything about it in the ABC news, press, or google, so I thought I must have been imagining things.

Guido at Rank and Vile explains:

Due to the huge waves of migration just before and after the Second World War, there are potentially millions of potential voters spread around the world. Some haven’t been in Italy for decades and have lost touch with the current political and social trends there.

Imagine millions of Australians who haven’t been in Australia since Menzies was in power voting and be possibly be a major factor in deciding marginal seats…

…For Forza Italia, the party headed by Prime Minister Berlusconi one candidate for the Chamber is Giuseppe (Joe) Cossari who is councillor for Loughnan’s Hill Ward in the City of Maroondah. According to his website he served as President of the Ringwood Chamber of Commerce and Industry and as Mayor of the City of Maroondah and seeing all the Liberal Party links and happy photoes with John Howard I wouldn’t be surprised if he was also a Member of the Liberal Party.

The other candidate is Teresa Restifa from Brisbane.

For the Senate Forza Italia has Luigi Casagrande also from Brisbane, and Francesco Pascalis.

There are quite few surprises here and there. For the ‘neo-fascist’ Fiamma Tricolore Party one candidate is Tony Labozzetta who was the chairman of the old Soccer Australia during its most incompetent periods. Interesting that here in Australia Labozzetta always had ALP links. Go figure.

Will be interesting (to me at least) to see what comes out of it all.

That explains the Brisbane connection, I guess. Berlusconi multiplied by Queensland politics: Not dodgy at all! Or as they say on that comedy show, nothin’ suss! How delighted will the Italians be having their government decided by a lot of overseas people who haven’t lived there for decades, and who have been worked over by Queensland pollies?