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16 May 2007, Comments Off on If you only buy one magazine this month

If you only buy one magazine this month

Author: Helen

Make it The Monthly, with the article by Richard Flanagan on the collusion between the Tasmanian government and Gunns Limited in the destruction of that island’s irreplaceable old-growth forest. Here’s one he prepared earlier– sadly, nothing much has changed.

Image from http://matthewnewton.com.au/
Image by Matthew Newton

Along with the article you get a full-page black and white of this image: the Weld Angel.
For once, awesome doesn’t seem overused or out of place.

These people spend hours, weeks, months in cold and often dangerous situations. They do it to save these old-growth forests for all of us, our children and their children. While it’s still fashionable to sneer at them as crusty hippies, history may see it differently. Lennon, Gay, Howard and co. on the other hand, will be remembered as the philistine money men who squandered our country’s inheritance for a mess of… well, woodchips.

Oh, and the Weld Angel was dragged down, arrested and fined $6,000 by the Tasmanian law enforcers. Got that? Blocking a forest for nine hours, actionable. Bulldozing the forest: you’re a bloody hero.

If you’d like to send some money the Angel’s way, the Huon Valley Environment centre is collecting donations. You need to specify that they are for the Angel. You can donate via their website, or their postal address, Huon Valley Environment Centre, PO Box 217, Huonville, Tasmania 7109.

Thank you, Weld Angel.
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