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2 Apr 2008, Comments Off on Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Author: Helen

Fafblog’s back!

I’ve kept the faith for the better part of two years. I never un-blogrolled them, because some little part of me, deep inside – my anterior ulna maybe – believed the Medium Lobster, Giblets and Fafnir would return some day.

*Wipes away a little tear*

Some commenters are cautious because, well, that day was April 1. But the new blog design suggests they’re going to stay for a while.


More good sense on the parent-friendly workforce from the Fairfax opinion page. That is, instead of the “Work and familly is a nightmare, therefore Feminism has failed so we should all give up” line so popular in the recent past. And again, it’s a bloke who is talking sense!

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

….While our government runs as fast as possible in the other direction back to madness.

Will Family First use the Family Impact statements* to help push useful work-and-family reform? I’d like to be pleasantly surprised, but I’m not holding my breath.

*This memorandum from the NSW labor government, 1994, shows FF cribbed the idea from them. …Hey, who’s that Contact Officer? Strewth! Isn’t Google wonderful?