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23 Apr 2004, Comments (0)

In my own words (I think)

Author: Helen

Don’t get me wrong. I think plagiarism is a very serious matter. For writers.

Politicians recycle language. If the plagiarism in question was very severe and blatant, then it could indicate poor character and integrity. If the politician’s communication is so poor it indicates stupidity or confused thinking, then I’ll note that. But if it’s just the usual level of sloppiness we’ve come to expect from the politician type, well, it’s very sad, but: News flash: they often aren’t that good at expressing themselves. Have you noticed?

Although I’m not impressed with politicians’ lack of originality and love of buzzwords and cliches, I look at a politician from the point of view of what policies he or she is talking about. Like, education: Free, secular and compulsory, yes I know it’s a hackneyed phrase but I’ll accept it from politicians if they mean it. Yes, it would be good if politicians were erudite and creative and witty — surely a politician with stilted language is placing him/herself in a mental harness. But, in general, I don’t expect them to be Tim Winton.