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11 Sep 2007, Comments Off on The Immense Gothic Cathedral of WTF

The Immense Gothic Cathedral of WTF

Author: Helen

This has to be my favourite quote of the year so far. Kieran Healy at Crooked Timber, on Republican Fred Thompson, who is dodging some flak about providing legal advice to the Lockerbie bombers:

What is annoying, though, is the way something quite trivial like this- a mere curlicue on the ear of a minor gargoyle on a single buttress of the immense gothic Cathedral of WTF Has Happened Since 2001- could have the potential to bother a Presidential campaign, whereas the ongoing renovations to said Cathedral are more or less settled doctrine, dirty fucking hippies* excepted.

*an appelation that’s being reclaimed, it seems, with great glee on the part of opponents of the GWOT in the American blogosphere.
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