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3 Feb 2006, Comments Off on Hey! Big, dumb opinion writer!

Hey! Big, dumb opinion writer!

Author: Helen

Talking about right-wing funny men! That Jim Schembri’s a hoot all right.

all that stuff about hunting whales for research purposes is not a ruse. Whaling does produce valuable scientific data – not about whales, but about how many Greenpeace activists you can bullseye with a high-pressure hose. Tip: go for the body mass or aim high and allow for wind drift.

Oh yes, Jim’s so much more urbane and clever than those silly Greenpeace hippies (fancy risking your life for something!) Can we get a fourth-grader up to the front of the class now to explain to him that whales are mammals?

Wassup with the sub editor situation at Fairfax? Tracy Bartram Hutchison from RRR made the same mistake, on the opinion page no less, a few weeks back. Do they have only one sub editor left and he/she’s still on holiday?

Update 4/2: Wrong Tracee/Tracey/Tracy. Tracy Hutchison is the one who writes for the Age opinion page, although they’re both primarily employed in radio broadcasting.