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18 May 2008, Comments Off on Powerful, but unfortunately, still too pink

Powerful, but unfortunately, still too pink

Author: Helen

The idea for this post is lifted shamelessly from Tigtog’s Lauredhel’s Images from the Mailbag post.My mailbag contains an invitation for a corporate night of fun and motivational speeches, like the one I wrote about here. Well, they’ve lost the “…in the city” reference (it’s the Cashmere Mafia these days, but I guess they couldn’t decide on a way to work in a “sassy” reference.) But it looks like they’ve kept the same graphic designer.

More anorexic chicks in the city!1!

These gatherings are meant to be about women being all empowerfulled and taking over the boardrooms of the world and stuff. While, of course, staying thin, pretty and wearing six-inch heels. Hey, I’m convinced!