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18 Apr 2005, Comments (0)

Interview with Riverbend

Author: Helen

I get Uruknet: Daily information from occupied Iraq in my email inbox daily. I’m not sure from where. I mean, I don’t know which blog or site is responsible, but I’ve never bothered to delete it. I don’t usually read it, as I’m not equipped to suss out the credentials of italian news sources, and I find references to Saddam as “President Saddam Hussein” and “The President of Iraq” somewhat fawning and stupid, considering he’s not likely to make a glorious comeback as “the President” of anything greater than Cell Block D anytime soon. I know some people like to push the stereotype that we lefties, because we don’t support the US occupation, must therefore be rooting for Saddam, but that is just a favourite strawman de jour.

Riverbend would never make a mistake like that.

Anyway, here is an interview with her from Buzzflash, via uruknet.

I’ll have to hunt out the book.